What does a sleep test cost?

A CRS home-based sleep study provides robust data on sleep issues and doesn’t need private health cover. You still use state-of-the-art equipment and have it set up by a professional, highly qualified sleep technologist but go home to your own bed. The data is downloaded the following day.

CRS Home–based sleep studies in WA incur a co-payment (over the Medicare rebate) of just $150 or $120 for pensioners/Healthcare card holders.

This represents a very small investment for a very important part of your health.

*Note - The full fee of $435.05 ($405.05 Pensioners/Healthcare card) must be paid up front, with $285.05 claimable from Medicare after the sleep study.

What’s involved?

A Home- Based Sleep Study is an overnight, comprehensive analysis of sleeping patterns. Upon arrival at a CRS clinic, a technician will perform an initial assessment of your vital signs, and take photographs to assist our sleep physicians in making interpretations of your results. A nasal resistance test will also be performed to determine airway patency according to standard procedures.

The sleep study set-up at the clinic will take approximately 30mins to complete. During the process, multiple leads will be applied to your head, face, chest and legs. In order to obtain a comprehensive analysis of your sleep, leads are applied to obtain information on brain activity, cardiac electrical activity, respiratory efforts, breathing behaviour, and limb movements for the duration of the night. All leads serve a unique purpose, therefore the application of each lead is important. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask our friendly technician.

What are the risks?

Sleep studies are a non-invasive, painless procedure. Although the risk factors are minimal, slight skin abrasions may arise due to the over preparation/ cleaning of the skin with an abrasive gel. Mild skin irritation from the adhesive material used on the electrodes may also arise, however often subside once the leads are removed. Please advise if you have any relevant allergies. Allergic reactions may happen due to the use of medical tape and other products on the skin, and would only be topical.

Throughout the procedure, slight discomfort may be felt as a result of the numerous leads applied to the body and the longevity of the procedure. We aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

What happens next?

Upon completion of the procedure, results will be formulated within five days post sleep study. The study aims to identify the presence of a sleep disorder, and/or sleep disordered breathing. Results will be sent, with recommendations for treatment if required, to your referring doctor and any additional doctor specified by you. If for some reason the study fails, you will be contacted by a CRS representative to repeat the study.