What's involved?

Upon completion of your sleep study you have been recommended to undergo a CPAP introduction lasting 2-4 weeks. Over this period you may have up to four face-face appointments with a CPAP technician to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from your therapy and any issues relating to your therapy are addressed. Alternatively, these communications may be conducted remotely, to suit your needs.

During your initial appointment, the technician will thoroughly explain your sleep study results and how CPAP will work to treat your sleep disordered breathing. The initial appointment will take approximately 1 hour, if you have any questions regarding CPAP or your sleep study, please don’t hesitate to ask the consulting technician.

What are the risks?

Major risk factors associated with CPAP treatment are unlikely to occur during your introduction.

You may initially experience slight discomfort from the mask and the positive pressure sensation may at first feel foreign. Any issues relating to the discomfort of the treatment usually subsides with perseverance increasing familiarity of therapy.

Mouth dryness, pressure sores from the mask, and mask leak into the eyes is not uncommon and can be avoided. If you are experiencing any of these issues throughout your trial please make your CPAP technician aware so the issue may be addressed.

What happens next?

On successful completion of the CPAP introduction, you have the option of continuing your treatment by purchasing a CPAP system through CRS.

Alternatively, if you require more time to decide on what the best treatment option is for you, your technician will discuss the options open to you from CRS.