In-Lab Sleep Studies

This type of sleep study is the gold standard test for sleep disorders.

CRS sleep laboratories in WA are NATA/ASA accredited for Adult Diagnostic Sleep Studies, CPAP titrations and MSLTs.

A patient spends the night in a private room in hospital with overnight supervision by a highly trained sleep technologist.

Acquisition of sleep data is continuously monitored and the sleep technologist is able to enter the patient room to correct any technical issues if necessary.

A laboratory sleep study is most appropriate for patients with suspected mild-severe sleep apnea, obesity hypoventilation, complex sleep apnea and parasomnias.

Accurate diagnosis of these disorders typically requires high quality of data and sleep technologist supervision ensures this quality.

Results are reviewed and reported on by our local specialist Sleep and Respiratory Physicians.

For many privately insured patients, the in-lab sleep study is available on a no-gap basis in our WA sleep labs.

If your GP has referred you for a diagnostic sleep study, contact your health insurer and ask them to check your cover for item number 12203 and also to tell you about any excess charges you may incur.

Efficacy Test - OAT, Positional Therapy

An In-Lab test conducted to determine treatment efficacy or the nature of residual events when the patient is using an OAT or positional therapy device.

PAP Titration or Efficacy Test

The purpose of an overnight PAP Titration is to optimise the therapy for the patient and problem solve any issues.

There can be various specific outcomes that are desired for the titration, which will be stated on the referral or communicated to the technicians.


The multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) provides objective documentation of the clinical symptom of sleepiness as well as abnormal sleep structure.

It facilitates the diagnosis of narcolepsy, and has also been useful to determine therapeutic response.

Some patients may be at risk of accidental death to themselves and others due to pathological somnolence.

The MSLT is useful in documenting the severity of somnolence.


The Maintenance of Wakefulness Test (MWT) provides objective documentation of an individual's ability to stay awake.

It is generally used in patients who have been diagnosed with excessive sleepiness to assess response to treatment.

In-Lab Sleep Studies

CRS conducts In-Lab sleep tests at two sites in WA - Hollywood Private Hospital and The Park Private Hospital, Mount Lawley. In-lab sleep studies are now available on Friday and weekend nights at Hollywood.

CRS sleep laboratories in WA are NATA/ASA accredited for Adult Diagnostic Sleep Studies, CPAP titrations and MSLTs.

In Victoria, CRS In-Lab tests are conducted at partner facilities located at Epworth Freemasons Hospital and Mitcham Private Hospital.